Research Center for State Governance and Public Budgeting

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    Research Center for State Governance and Public Budgeting was established in 2014 in correspondence to the overall national objective of comprehensive in-depth reform. It is a research institute supported by School of Public Economics, Nanjing Audit University. It is based on Jiangsu Provincial Key Construction Discipline Public Administration and Jiangsu Provincial Priority Construction Discipline Applied Economics. It rolled the research of applied economics, public administration, politics and law into one, aiming at the practice frontier of state governance and public budgeting. It takes advantage of cross-disciplinary integration and carries out researches concerning state governance and public budgeting. The center is doing its best to promote the level of the discipline and academic influence. It is dedicated to the modernization of state governance system. It aims to become an influential research platform with Chinese characteristics in the field of state governance and public budgeting. The director of the center is Professor Hou Xiaoxian and its members include 11 researchers, 5 of whom are high-level researchers.


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